A child does not need to know anything about music to learn to play drums...

Mike Krantis is ready to become your child's mentor in acoustic drums. Now hailed as one of Adelaide's best drum teachers for children of all ages.

Children as young as five can learn to play acoustic drums. Mike teaches children how to become proficient at drumming and learn to focus on playing beats and rhythm patterns over and over to work on timing and coordination.

We only offer private drum lessons because students learn faster and get more out of them. The one-on-one nature (just you and your teacher) of private lessons allow the teacher to customise each lesson, song, exercise, and musical challenge to your exact needs at that exact point in the child's learning process.

Most importantly it's a non pressured class. No exams, no hassle and loads of fun!

Most of our drum students take weekly one-hour lessons with Mike. 

PRICE : $55.00 per hour (we come to you or you come to us)

The classes are booked online in blocks of three. This ensures the child gives drumming a fair go! Everything seems hard to a child when they first begin new things. Mike will promise to make the experience of learning drums fun, memorable and rewarding!


Mike Krantis

Ph. 0415 950 092

Email : mkamazingmagicentgroup@gmail.com