AMEG Scholarships are financial aid awards designed to help students and families in Australia and worldwide pay for their schooling and educational development. In 2021 we are combining our scholarships with the Project Magic course that uses magic as a form of therapy for children in the modern world. Magic enhances motor skills, creativity, literacy and confidence in children.

Here is everything you need to know...

How does a child/family access a scholarship? The site leader will receive the budget letter that provides the total offering to the school. The site leader is responsible for offering the opportunity to the interested family/child.

When is the school paid? Once the student or students arrive and adhere to attendance within the educational site then the school is issued the payment(s) by end of Term 2, 2021. Payments are not provided to families, only the school site. A contractual agreement is also provided to the school and families.

Advertising and marketing? The site leader may wish to advertise the 2021 scholarship offerings to prospective new families face to face or within social media platforms. The site leader agrees to market the scholarships on a broad range of social media platforms using the AMEG and Project Magic logos. Radio and printed media is also allowed. The site is guaranteed a projected (final) scholarship fund. 

How can i make the presentation of a scholarship special? We provide the site leader framed certificates for each scholarship to present to the awarded family/child.

When can we access the scholarships for marketing purposes? Once your site acceptance/offerings letter is received then you are entitled to offer your scholarships to potential new clients to the school.

Who presents Project Magic to the successful students? In 2021 AMEG will provide your site with a presenter who will teach the Project Magic program during one lunch time per week within the educational site. Our presenters are members of The International Brotherhood Of Magicians and all presenters are qualified to work with children. Find out more about Project Magic.

For any other information relating to the scholarships and marketing enquiries please contact Rachel on 0415 950 092.